Credit request

Please complete and send back the credit application before receiving your 1st order.

We will contact you within 2 working days after receipt of credit application. 1st order prepaid, by certified check, wire transfer or credit card. Please fax back to us at: 418 780-3979.

Name of business 
or farm:
      Date of application: 
Business type:        
IRS #:   or Federal Tax ID #: 
or Social
Security #:
E-mail address:   Web site:
Invoice address: 
Phone:   Fax:
Contact:    City: 
State / Province:    Zip Code: 
Shipping address: 
Phone:   Fax:
Contact:    City: 
State / Province:    Zip Code: 
Name of owners
or principals: 
Phone:   Fax:
Contact:    City: 
State / Province:    Zip Code: 
Account payable
Bank’s name:   Contact:
Title:   Phone:

IMPORTANT: Please list four (4) credit references including fax numbers from which you have credit EQUAL OR GREATER than the limit you request (i.e.: Feed Store, Veterinary, etc.)

  Name of company Contact Phone Fax


We agree to pay all charges according to the terms and conditions as stated by Litière Royal inc., the Creditor. If we fail to do so, then we agree to pay any late charges, reasonable collection costs and attorney fees if collection procedures are instituted. Creditor may terminate any credit availability at its sole discretion. We authorize you to conduct an investigation of our credit worthless, including but not limited to securing commercial credit reports, consumer credit reports, trade references, lender references, lease references. We hereby authorize release of credit information to Litière Royal inc.

Name:       Date:
Home Address:    Social Security Number: 

Phone numbers

Toll free :  888 792-3340
Phone : 418 780-3373
Fax : 418 780-3979





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