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Wood Shavings Product’s FAQ

What will other suppliers not tell you about Wood Shavings?
Is our product environment friendly and how?
Are bulk shavings a quality product like bagged shavings?

Are the bags recyclable?

Can I use wood shavings and wood pellets together?

What will other suppliers not tell you?

We have to verify the real availability of the product in winter and the delivery delay to avoid backorders during winter, a period where it could be difficult to find a new supplier. We also have to verify where the raw material comes from to avoid having wood shavings of a second transformation that might contain chemicals. If the price varies, what is the true reason? Often the reason is a sudden change in the exchange rate. Remote distance can also explain why the price is so high, a distance higher than 650 miles (1053 km) is considered far.

Is our product environment friendly and how?

Royal Wood Shavings is conscious of the environment and before taking any action, we want to be sure that there are no negative impacts on the environment. A portion of our raw material comes from our partners’ planning plants. This material would be buried, burned or used in another process if it was not recovered by our industry.

The other portion comes from logs of low quality (pulp) with limited application. First, the wood comes from a renewable natural source. The rate of growth of commercial Canadian forests is equivalent to 1 500 000 homes per month while the average equivalent construction is 10% of that number.

Trees growing naturally filter carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen produced by photosynthesis. When a forest is old and too dense, tree growth stops and they begin to decompose, they emit carbon dioxide into the air. However, by harvesting mature trees to manufacture wood products, carbon is sealed inside the timber. The carbon emitted during energy recovery timber is in fact part of the natural carbon cycle and is captured again by vegetation, including forests, while fossil fuels add an extra carbon into the atmosphere.

Wood is the only material to come from a renewable source and it is organic, recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Did you know that harvested wood is lesser in number than the timber lost by the combined action of fire, insects and diseases?

As for the burning of waste wood, it uses neutral CO2, which then further reduces climate changes by reducing fossil fuel consumption.

By using wood that grows and is transformed close to home, you are contributing to reducing pollution caused by transportation.

Are bulk shavings a quality product like bagged shavings?

We don’t think so, since there is a good chance that bulk shavings won’t go through any quality control and must be prepared to accept dust and, possibly, debris.

Which wood resin do you use?

Strictly softwood, mainly pine, spruce and fir trees, depending on the plant we ship out of.

Can all wood resins be used to make wood shavings bedding?

No, certain hard woods like oak and walnut trees can contain toxins that are harmful to your animals.

What happens when wood shavings are heated?

Wood must be kiln dried before processing so that the moisture content is below 19% (generally between 10 and 15%). This heating process eliminates bacteria and molds that can cause shavings to deteriorate and makes for a more hygienic product for the user.

What is the difference between unscreened and screened wood shavings?

The screening/filtering process involves 3 stages. The first stage eliminates large pieces of debris and wood. The second stage reduces the amount of sawdust and dust. Maximizing the reduction of dust in the product that causes the dust in the air of both you and your animals. Exposure to these dust particles can be unhealthy and harm upper respiratory tracts.

What is the difference between second grade shavings and first grade shavings?

Our wood shavings come from mills whose primary business is rough block wood used for clean lumber. Some competitors use scrap milled wood products such as moldings, paneling and flooring. These wood shavings can contain harmful adhesives, varnishes and other chemicals detrimental to the health of your animals.

What are the advantages of having fine, medium or large shavings?

It is a question of personal choice. However, the majority of people choose medium-sized shavings. Fine shavings will have a higher absorbency level but contain more dust. Medium-sized shavings offer the best combination between absorption and minimal dust. Large-sized shavings are often less absorbing and cause more loss during cleaning, yet offer the lowest level of dust.

What is the advantage of sealed plastic bags over paper bags?

Plastic bags are much easier to handle with a built-in handle and resist tearing unlike paper bags. They can also be stored outside (for example, in an open truck during a show or while traveling), therefore making it possible to save interior storage space.

What is the difference between heat-sealed bags versus stapled bags?

Heat sealed bags are resistant to bad weather (water infiltration), plus they have no staples that can wound you or your animal.

Are your bags totally UV and waterproof?

Theoretically, they are, but we prefer to say that they are water resistant. Therefore, it is preferable to cover the bags with a tarp if they are left outside for a long period. Our bags also have UV protection to protect the plastic and shavings from sunlight-induced deterioration for 12 months.

Are your bags recyclable?

Used plastic bags are sturdy and can be recycled or used as trash bags. Recycling programs vary by states and provinces, please enquire with your local recycling center.

What is the pressure used to compress the bags and what is the ratio of compression?

We compact bags with 3000 pounds of pressure at a ratio of 2.25 to 3.5. Large shavings compact more easily than fine shavings. However, we use the minimum ratio in order to avoid violating regulations.

What is the weight of a bag?

The weight of our bags generally varies from 24 to 35 lbs. (11-16 kg) depending on the size of the bag and the factors mentioned above such as moisture, type of wood and size of shavings.

What factors influence the weight of the bags?

Quantity of product inside the bag, size of the wood shaving (the finer the wood shaving the denser it is and therefore heavier), wood type ( Douglas fir is much heavier than Canadian pine), and lastly the moisture content.

What is the best technique to measure a bag?

It is best to measure a bag of wood shavings when the bag is opened, which makes it possible to evaluate coverage volume before compression. Neither the size of the bag nor the weight makes it possible to establish a direct comparison due to the factors mentioned above.

What method of storage is best for me (pallet or floor)?

If you have access to a forklift or pallet truck, it is recommended to take your order on pallets to facilitate unloading and to reduce the handling of the product. If not, it is preferable to buy your wood shavings by the bag loosely loaded onto the floor of the trailer and save the extra costs related to the pallets.

How many bags are there on one pallet?

54 bags of 2.8 cubic feet and 45 bags of 3.25 cubic feet per pallet.

What is the weight of a pallet full of bags?

Maximum of 2000 pounds (909 kg).

What type of trailers do you use?

We use mostly 53 feet trailers and the maritime containers are 40’ high cube.

How many bags can be loaded onto a 53 feet trailer?

The quantity of bags varies from 1170 to 1224 bags depending on the format of bags, as well as the method of loading.

What is the average delay for delivery?

For a delivery by truck, the average is approximately 7 days but it can vary according to the season. For the delivery by train or boat, the time is variable, depending where the product is shipped.

How long does it take to unload and who is responsible for unloading?

You are responsible for the unloading of the truck upon its arrival at your site. It generally takes one person from 30 to 60 minutes to unload a palletized load with a forklift. A delivery of individually-loaded bags (called a floor load) can take a team of 4 or 5 people up to 2 hours to unload.

What is the time allowed for unloading?

We allocate a maximum of 3 hours to unload the trailer. The trucking industry generally grants 2 hours. A time limit is forced to make it possible for transport companies to plan ahead of loading for their homeward bound load.

Do you use your own trucks?

No, for several reasons. Our primary objective is to concentrate on the production of bagged wood shavings and not on the trucking industry. The trucking industry is competitive and in constant change. We work with several companies that are specialized in the field. Therefore, we can offer more competitive prices than if we owned our trucks. These economies are inevitably reflected in your cost. All our truckers are in constant communication which enables us to ensure on time delivery.

What is the ratio of liquid absorption compared to other wood shavings?

Approximately 4 to 1. For example, a 35 pound bag absorbs 140 pounds of urine.

What is the average daily quantity of urine and feces produced by a horse?

A horse produces on average 35 pounds (16 kg) of excrement per day.

How many bags are necessary to fill a 10' X 10' stall?

Thickness       # bags 3.0 p.c.
3"   3 bags
6"   5
9"   7

What influences the consumption of wood shavings?

The frequency at which the stall is cleaned lowers the consumption of wood shavings. The thickness of shavings in the stall to begin with, the cleanliness of the animal, whether the animal moves around a lot in the stall and the desired level of cleanliness are all determining factors in consumption.

What affects the availability of wood shavings on the market?

Saw log prices affect market prices and supply the most. It is a commodity, which is traded in the financial markets just as gold and oil are. A slack demand of saw logs will inevitably cause prices to drop, which results in a reduction of the production. When the demand is low, the supply of wood for shavings is low; therefore, we will produce fewer bags. The phenomenon is reversed if the price of saw log is on the rise. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable and honest supplier who is less dependent on the market. If you do business with an unstable supplier, you are likely to be surprised by price changes and you will possibly find yourselves in shortage. When you choose a supplier, you should ensure that the company has several sources of raw materials. If your supplier has only one source and loses it, they will have difficulty to supply you. It is also preferable to have a supplier with several production facilities. Once again, this ensures you a more stable supply. If you seek a reliable supplier, also be sure that you choose a company that has not diversified into multiple fields (e.g. drink, wood flour, small animals, peat moss, etc.).

How can I place an order?

You must complete a credit application and forward it to us. You must contact us by telephone, e-mail or fax to place an order for the desired product. We will in turn schedule a date of delivery with you.

Is it possible to be on a regular schedule?

Absolutely! In such a case, we will contact you on a regular interval, at your convenience, and we will make sure that you are never in a shortage.

What are the different methods of payment available?

To start doing business with us, you need to fill a credit application and the first load is prepaid, either by check or credit card. After credit approval, our terms of payments are net 15 days and payments are regular check, bank check or bank transfer.

What is the best way to purchase your product if I we do not need a complete truck load?

If you need a half-truck (approximately 500 bags), you can share a full truck with another company or person of your choice. If you do not know anybody to share a truck with, contact us and we will be pleased to try to find someone to share a full truck with you. If you need less than 500 bags, we will refer you to a local distributor in your area.

What are your hours of business?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00, Eastern Time. If our offices are closed, do not hesitate to leave us a message. We will get back with you as soon as possible.

What is the weight of a rubber stall mat and how many are on a pallet?

95 pounds (43 kg). There are 25 mats per pallet.

What is a substitute product for wood shavings?

Bagged or bulk wood shavings are the main products used as horses litter. One also can find wood pellets, straw, paper pellets, as well as peat moss. There are also other more marginal products.

Are wood shavings more effective then wood pellets?

It is really a question of personal choice. If you use the wood pellets, you must ensure that they are made only from soft wood. Also, you should verify that the wood used does not come from recycling and that your manufacturer is specializing in products for animals and not for fuelling stoves. If you live in a cold area during winter time, it might be a problem to spread water on the pellets.

Can I use wood shavings and wood pellets together?

Yes you can. Again, it is a matter of choice.

What is the process used in the production?

The first stage is to take the rough block wood raw material sourced nearby. The saw log is brought to the factory by truck, discharged, and classified according to the size, the quality, the content of water, and then kiln dried. Wood shavings are made, then mixed and screened to obtain the size required. The product is then filtered to reduce dust and to eliminate any residues. The filtered shavings move towards the bag-filling machine, bags are filled and sealed. Bags are then put on pallets automatically, coated with film then loaded in the trailers on pallets or loosely on the floor.

If I distribute your product, will I be protected if my customers deal directly with you?

We are a professional, responsible and honest company. We carefully screen customer calls to the best of our knowledge as we have hundreds of regular customers. We will never deliberately sell our product directly to one of your customers. Our goal is to grow with you, not to compete against you.

What differentiates an excellent wood shavings producer from another?

  • Year-round availability (for others it can become difficult to get the product in peak seasons)
  • Consistent-quality product
  • Price stability from one season to another
  • On-time delivery
  • Courteous service
  • Specialized production focusing only on serving the animal health industry top

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