Kiln dried Wood shavings

Wood Shavings at competitive pricing

Factors affecting the price

  • Royal triple actions vs regular product
  • Manufactured shavings vs by-product
  • All natural vs secondary transformation wood
  • Kiln dried vs green shavings
  • Multi-screened shavings vs sawdust
  • Size of bags
  • Palletized or floor loaded
  • Plastic heat sealed bag vs paper bag with staples
  • Year around availability

We have implemented a strategy to stay ahead of the competition and minimize some of these effects. Primarily in partnering with sawmills and by making our own raw material in an attempt to void shortages and price fluctuations. Royal Wood Shavings has established facilities in Canada and the United States as close as possible to our customers to eliminate the exchange rate fluctuations and reduce shipping costs subject to fuel surcharge.

Full truck load of bagged Wood Shavings

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Phone numbers

Toll free :  888 792-3340
Phone : 418 780-3373
Fax : 418 780-3979





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