Soft wood shavings

Wood Shavings products for horses and animal bedding

Royal Wood Shavings is a North American leader in the field of wood shavings production used for animal bedding, mainly for horses, but also for donkeys, cows, pigs, chicken, poultry and other animals.

Our mission is simple. We offer and develop the best bedding available on the market, combined with a friendly efficient service to meet your expectations.

We ship wood shavings in the United States, Canada and abroad

Royal Wood Shavings has 2 facilities in Canada and in the United States. Our plants are strategically located to minimize shipping and raw material costs, thus enabling us to offer you the best value for your money.

We serve over 17 000 horses annually on 4 continents. Royal Wood Shavings offers its product by full load to customers distributing, selling or using animal bedding.

Phone numbers

Toll free :  888 792-3340
Phone : 418 780-3373
Fax : 418 780-3979





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